The campaign "Don't Play with the Dictator" aimed at removing the Ice-Hockey World Championship 2014 from Belarus to be organised in a different country, has been shut down. The campaign has highlighted the grim human rights situation in Belarus under president Alexander Lukashenko, and aimed at increasing the pressure for improvements. Now, it is clear that the championship will take place in Belarus, although the human rights situation has not improved. We thank all supporters of the campaign, many of us will continue our advocacy efforts to promote rights and freedoms in Belarus, both in connection with the 2014 Ice-Hockey World Championship and in other ways.

Don't play with the dictator was a joint campaign of international partners:

Civic Belarus| Czech Republic

Civicus: World Alliance for Citizen Participation | South Africa

Human Rights in Belarus | Germany

CFD Handel

Norwegian Helsinki Committee | Norway

Norwegian P.E.N. | Norway

Swedish Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights | Sweden

People in Need | Czech Republic

People in Peril | Slovakia